Enabling growth,
actioning change.

Tackling opportunity,
driving change.

Deep sales knowledge,
extensive relationships.


The business world needs executives who can turn strategy into action and results. At the same time, business needs specialist expertise on a short term basis to fill gaps, to fix problems, to tackle opportunities or to drive change.

Business Growth Services

Whether you have an existing sales team or you need representation in Wellington (or New Zealand) Interim Executive has a deep sales knowledge and expert insight to lead customer relationships, sales teams and opportunities to positive outcomes, on a short to medium term basis.

Commercial Management

Interim Executive has the experience and background to add focus, clarity and rigour to your commercial engagements, from bid leadership through to contract negotiation.

Programme Services

With a focus and strength in business alignment, Interim Executive can perform programme reviews and programme initiation and ongoing management, to augment and support your business and ICT initiatives.


Interim Executive provides professional services to organisations (big and small) on a short to medium term basis (one week to nine months), where you have a requirement for specialist expertise (business development, relationship management or project delivery) or you require an experienced technology executive to fill or fix a management team gap. Mostly we grow, develop, implement and change, rather than consult and advise, to business (corporate and government) and the technology sector.

Track record

Interim Executive has a strong track record of innovation and results, having secured and deployed ICT solutions in New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

Knowledge and relationships

Deep business development knowledge across many different industry sectors with relationships in organisations large and small, including most ICT service providers.

Maximising the value

You will not have to provide the benefits of a full-time employee, and therefore no long- term overheads to manage, but the flexibility of specialist and focused expertise.

Short term contracts

No engagement is too small, which could include part time engagements and short term reviews.

Getting it done

Very real focus on getting the job done with clearly defined goals and an agreed statement of work.

Independent thinking

Interim Executive will bring independent thinking, challenge and accountability to any engagement, leading to enhanced outcomes.


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